3rd grader from Baltimore helps White House with STEM policies

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| May 19 2016,

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Last month, the Obama Administration hosted its 6th and final White House Science Fair. The fair brings together students from across the country to celebrate as well as showcase their innovative inventions. During this year's fair, President Obama received words of advice from Jacob Legette, a third grader from Baltimore. Legette told President Obama that he should have a kid science advisor

Thanks to Legette, the White House is asking kids to tell them what's important to students in science, technology, and innovation

The White House announced on Thursday that they are looking for students to help determine what the future of science, discovery and exploration will be. The answers to these questions will help shape policies created by the Obama Administration during the President's final days in office

If you know of any K-12 students, make sure you help them head over to the website to turn in their responses by June 17th

Way to go Jacob for getting kids involved in the future of science and technology policy for the country!

Photo: GIphy
Photo: GIphy

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