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More than likely, many stores are either sold out of essentials, overcrowded or possibly closed. Amazon is on back order of items like toilet tissue, hand sanitizer, cleaning products and disinfectant spray. With supply and demand for items such as these at an all-time high, stocking up on those must-have items during COVID-19 seems like a complete bust.

Fortunately, the majority of us have taken the liberty to stock up on a few other home essentials. In a day and age where we can't afford to wait, it leads us to the only option there is — do it yourself. It may seem like a hassle to some but in the grand scheme of things, when you don't have any other choice, you've got to do what you can.

Here are a few house essentials we all need but may not be able to readily get our hands on at the moment. You can make these items in the comfort of your home with some of the things you may already have sitting around in your pantry.