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During this pandemic, I've lost my job, fell behind on rent and bills, lost family members due to COVID-19 and went through a bad breakup. I’m now finally starting to get back on the right track. I recently found a new job and my landlord gave me break on the past rent that was due.

While going through these difficult times, I was not taking care of my body. My skin went through tough times too. To fix this, I started trying the following Black-owned skin care companies to help my skin get right.

1. Dr. O’s Natural Organic Skin Care

Dr. O's Butters is an idea birthed out of the frustration of not having access to natural plant-based products for the hair and skin. This idea came as a result of a lifetime of research and discovery of nutrients in plants that nourish, rejuvenate and moisturize the whole body. Their butters are concentrated, not diluted with fillers that diminish quality just for profit making. They are also fiercely committed to providing the best body butters at reasonable prices. 

2. Lulus Holistic Skin Care

Deannee Santiago and Jahnet Frederick are a mother-daughter duo who have generated over a million dollars in sales since launching their skincare line, Lulu’s Holistics. Lulu’s Holistics crafts each product from scratch and by hand, out of safe, organic ingredients with no additives or chemicals. Since the launch in 2017, two stores have opened — one in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and another in the Bronx. Santiago typically works 10-hour days, six days a week, overseeing production at the New York warehouse and visiting the various locations, as well as promoting the brand on social media.


BLK+GRN is a mecca for Black-owned products for skin, body, makeup and hair. This one-stop shop only houses clean, toxic-free beauty products to ensure whatever product touches your body is the best of the best — like Marla Rene’s Micellar Cleansing Water. Doubling as a makeup remover and cleanser, it's formulated with cucumber, vitamin B5 and calendula to restore hydration to dry, damaged skin.

4. Oui the People

Karen Young, founder of Oui the People, was forbidden from reading beauty magazines growing up. Why? She thinks her mother felt their content showcased a damaging ideal of beauty. Oui the People is dedicated to producing bodycare with mindful messaging that rejects perfection and champions individuality.

5. Ancient Cosmetics

Ancient Cosmetics is a Black family-owned business that was started after years of being fed up with harsh chemical-based products sold in our communities. After many disappointing experiences with potentially hazardous synthetic products, they realized a natural solution was the only way. After doing their due-diligence by researching natural oils and herbs from ancient times to the present, Ancient Cosmetics began vigorously working on creating natural products for individuals with sensitive skin.