Protein treatments
Protein treatments are great for strengthening hair and helping to combat breakage.  There are many types of protein treatments ranging from mild to intense, depending on your hair needs. The more severe your breakage and splits, the stronger the treatment you’ll need.  You may find that incorporating a conditioner that contains proteins like Aubrey Organics GPB Conditioner into your regimen is enough for you, but if you are dealing with heat damage, or have color-treated your hair, then try a stronger solution like ApHogee’s 2-Step Treatment orJoico K-Pack Reconstructor

Hot oil treatments
There is nothing like a hot oil treatment to keep hair soft, silky, and supple. When done consistently, hot oil treatments can boost hair’s natural shine and help tame frizz. They can be customized by blending your own mix of oils (or just sticking to your favorite one), and adding herbs, or essential oils to meet your hair needs. Half the fun is experimenting with different oils and blends, and seeing how your hair responds. A few of our favorites are olive oil, jojoba oil, and almond oil.

Deva Cut
If your curls have lost their round, bouncy shape, then there is a chance your cut is working against you. The Deva Cut is a way of cutting textured hair in its dry, curly state, and addressing the curls individually. This method of cutting curly hair was introduced to the world by Lorraine Massey who also brought us the Curly Girl Method. If you wear your hair in its naturally curly state often and haven’t yet found a haircut that you love, consider trying a Deva Cut. If it has been a while since your last haircut, you may be dealing with dry, knotted ends that are weighing down your curls. A new cut could be the answer to creating shape, movement, and volume. Trust us, it’ll give your hair a new lease on life.

The greenhouse method
The greenhouse method was created as a replacement for lengthy, time-consuming hair regimens that require trips to the salon. To practice the greenhouse method, apply a natural oil or butter to your dry or slightly damp hair, put on a plastic shower cap, and secure your plastic cap with a scarf and a bonnet. You can leave this on for 15-30 minutes, or even overnight. This uses your own body heat to create a hydrating environment for your hair and allows it to absorb as much moisture as possible. Many curly hair issues, from frizz to breakage, are rooted in a lack of moisture, so the greenhouse method may be a quick fix for your hair woes.

Protective/low manipulation styling
If your hair has been going through a lot of manipulation and stress, it is always a good idea to consider sending it on vacation by installing a protective, or low manipulation style, in conjunction with any of the treatments and methods above. A protective style is one that tucks away and protects your ends and the length of your hair from exposure to the elements and contact with your clothes, pillow, and more. Popular protective styles include braids, twists, updos, and wigs, and can incorporate extensions, but they can also be as simple as a loose bun, or wearing a hat. Once you’ve brought your hair back to life, there’s no point in running it ragged again and undoing all the benefits you received by treating and cutting it. Give your hair and yourself a rest. When you go through those periods of missing your curls and feeling an intense desire to style and manipulate them, simply remind yourself that fabulously heathy hair will be your reward.

Are there any methods you rely on to bring your curls back to life? If so, please share them in the comments section below.

Written by Vanessa Osbourne

This post was previously published on Teen Vogue.