There’s no limit to the power and imagination. The late Octavia Butler showcased her imagination to prove that you could tell captivating science-fiction stories featuring Black characters that were rich in spirituality and fantasy. The author of countless award-winning novels, her ability to transport audiences to a completely different world while also maintaining her brand of social observation remains one of the greatest contributions to literature.

Though readers will no longer be able to read new material from the California-born wordsmith, some of her popular works are being reimagined for television and film. A series adaption of Butler’s 1987 novel Dawn will premiere on Amazon’s streaming service, thanks to the efforts of filmmakers Ava Duvernay and Victoria Mahoney. Oscar-winning actress Viola Davis, alongside Nnedi Okorafor and Wanuri Kahiu, have teamed up to reimagine Butler’s 1980 classic Wild Seed, also set to stream on Amazon.

Ahead of those two launches, it’s definitely a perfect opportunity to become familiar with Butler’s catalogue of prose. These five are a fitting introduction into her imaginative mind.