No matter how incredibly busy our lives get, it is always important to arrange for some much-needed time with our friends – full of adult conversations, cocktails, catching up, pampering and fun. It’s nice to have that circle of friends where you can always pick up right where you left off. What do you do when the club scene is getting tired and you just want to low-key enjoy the presence of the people you can let your hair down with? The perfect solution would be to host a girls’ brunch as it’s the perfect setting for catching up.

Photo: Pexels
Photo: Pexels

But don’t let the daunting task of planning the event dull your excitement. With a few easy tips, you can throw together the perfect stress-free brunch.

Photo: Pexels
Photo: Pexels

Here are 5 tips for hosting the perfect at-home brunch for the ladies:

  1. Create a guest list. Keep your list restricted to only your closest friends to make for open, intimate conversations. The key is to catch up and ensure everyone has a wonderful time. Leave the drama out of the equation. Require RSVPs to plan for catering and favors (if you choose to have them).
  2. Find the perfect venue. Decide where the brunch will be held. Although at-home brunches are more intimate, reserving a private room at a restaurant can also do the trick. It’s important to consider dress code and if children will be welcome to attend if absolutely necessary. Each of these factors depend on your circle of friends. You know them best. Think of their comfort zones and budgets.
  3. Finalize a menu. This will be the tricky part – accommodating everyone’s taste buds. If the brunch will be in-home, be sure to offer a variety of food selections, including the basics: mimosas, OJ, chicken and waffles, omelets, home fries, pork and turkey bacon and fruit (just to name a few). If the weather allows, maybe even fire up the grill and enjoy time on a deck or patio.
  4. Collect final RSVPs and arrange decor. This is especially important if planning an in-home brunch. You will need to coordinate for catering, as well as put a personal touch on everything with some simple decor. Small touches here and there go a long way, and the rest of the crew will appreciate the host for the added effort.
  5. Relax and have fun. This is the final step. No need to stress when you’re among friends! Put on some good tunes and focus on having a good time and being left with a full heart. If you really want to go the extra mile, perhaps the ladies will be on board with having a nail tech come in to do mani/pedis. Get creative and enjoy every minute of it!

How do you unwind with friends? Have you ever planned a girls’ brunch? Share your tips in the comments below!

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