Raise your hand if you want to quit your 9-5 and start your own business. Raise your hand if you are ready to quit your 9-5 and start your own business.

Is your hand still up? I know that mine isn’t.

While I fantasize about quitting my 9-5 nearly everyday to work for myself, I know that my business is not ready. I still need the income from my full-time job to invest in building a strong and sustainable foundation for my coaching and consulting empire.

Working full-time while building your side hustle is definitely a juggling act, but it can be done. Your time is limited, so you have to use it wisely. Since building your brand on the side takes more time, you will need even more patience, hope, and motivation when the realities of little sleep, incremental progress, and the desire to give up hit you.

Here are some ways to stay productive and motivated on this journey toward self-employment.

Calculate How Much Time You Can Actually Commit To the Business

From Monday-Friday, I have committed to dedicating two hours per day to working on my business. On Saturdays, I have committed to five hours. On Sundays, I have committed to six hours. With a total of 21 hours per week, I can think more strategically about how to prioritize my tasks.

Go To a Coffee Shop, Library, or Diner To Work On Your Business Before You Go Home

I don’t know about you, but it proved difficult, if not near impossible, for me to seriously work on my business once I got home from work because of all of distractions—cable, Facebook, Twitter, and my bed. But I had to come to a point where what I wanted for myself in the future became more important than giving in to my laziness in the present.

Have A Short “To-Do” List

When I am at the coffee shop, I have a list of 2-3 things to get done in that sitting. On the weekends, the list may include 4-5 items. I do not start the second task until the first task is complete. I also treat myself to a nice mocha or gluten-free chocolate chip cookie (they are the truth) after I have completed what is on my to-do list.



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