Actress Niecy Nash shared that she married singer Jessica Betts in an Instagram post showcasing their wedding ceremony on Monday, Blavity previously reported.

Nash, 50, is celebrated for her features in comedy specials and shows like Reno 911, Scream Queens and Claws. She was honored for her storied career with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in July.

But much less is known about her new partner. Here’s what we know about the newlywed singer:

1. She's originally from the Windy City

According to her website, Betts grew up in Chicago, where she built her vocal chops singing gospel music at church. Later, she moved to New York City to pursue her dream as a songwriter-singer.

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2. R&B group Boyz II Men took her under their wing

Betts was signed by iconic music group Boyz II Men under their record label in 1998, BET reports. A couple of years later, she joined Warren G’s G-Funk Music and Restless Records. According to, Betts was released from Reckless in 2000 after a lukewarm response to her self-titled album.

3. Betts won Missy Elliot’s 'Road to Stardom' reality TV competition

In 2005, the singer won UPN’s The Road to Stardom with Missy Elliot, where she was awarded a record contract with the music icon and a prize of $100,000. Shortly after her impressive victory, Betts took a hiatus from the music industry to focus on herself.

“It was easily one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. I think after the realization of winning the show, I had to take time to find myself. I like to view it as making what was once incomplete, complete," she told Ebony in 2012. 

In order to break through as an artist, she said she needed time “to build a shield” powerful enough to protect her as she achieves greatness.

4. Betts made an appearance on season two of 'Claws,' where Nash stars as one of the show's protagonists

In 2018, the Chicago native posted a video of she and Nash on the set of the TNT show. Betts, who Nash referred to as her “homegirl” at the time, was featured in the season finale of Claws as the character Nadege.

Later during the show’s production, Betts posted a video of Nash helping sing tunes from Bett’s popular song, “Catch Me.” The songwriter wrote on Instagram that she was honored to have Nash bless the song with her vocals.

5. Monica and Brandy are on her wishlist of artists she wants to collaborate with

The singer also revealed to Ebony that she would be excited to work with artists who align with her vision, like India Arie and Lauryn Hill. She said it has also been a dream of hers to get verses from popular rappers Lil Wayne and Rick Ross. Two of her biggest inspirations, singers Monica and Brandy, are also artists she said she’d love to learn from in a studio session. 

“I just wanna put hip-hop, R&B and pop in a bottle and shake things up. A dream situation is honestly working with artists that wanna work with me. Artists that like to work together usually make great music,” Betts said.

Congrats to the happy couple!