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Resiliency is a facet of the Black community that has been engraved through periods of adversity and injustice. Our ability to remain light in the depths of heavy hardship is a gift unique to the culture, as it not only encourages us but others as well. Black-owned businesses are providing reassurance to the community that we will remain steady during this season of uncertainty.

As the backbone of innovation and entrepreneurship, Black-owned businesses serve as a beacon of encouragement and must be protected at all costs. Here are five Black-owned and operated businesses that you can support during, and after, this time of social distancing:

1. Madam Muse


Based in Los Angeles, California, Madam Muse is creating her own light and lane for the marginalized members of society. Re-writing the narratives of her peers, her queer, sex positive artistry is one that pays homage to the daily lives and engagements of the LGBTQ community. The self-taught artist is well known for her hand-painted portraits honoring the legacies of Whitney Houston, Nipsey Hussle and Kobe Bryant.

Madam Muse is definitely a breath of fresh air, from the authentic depictions of queer relations, to the visionary, hand-worked portraits and animated comics; she makes this a family affair with the inclusion of her wife and two children in the creation of artwork. Madam Muse is consistently providing encouragement and empowerment to not only the LGBTQ community, but to all, as her art gives us the courage to be ourselves at all times, needing no permission but our own.

2. The Uptown Body


One thing’s for sure, the quarantine protocols have us missing our weekly manicure. This company has you covered with its vast collection of professionally crafted and top quality press on nails. Unlike the ready to go nails you may find at your local beauty supply or department store, these nails are created with you in mind. Their style and durability leave you feeling like you just came out of the nail salon.

The founder, Beverly Duru, is the mastermind behind this online supplier of all things beauty. Products range from ready to ship nail sets to customized acrylics. And who can pass up the lash book filled with mink hybrids? Duru has allowed us to cut out the stop to our local nail techs and have fresh sets delivered right to our doorsteps. Innovation is the key to entrepreneurial success and this company is leading the way.

3. CookingWNise


Located in Katy, Texas, CookingWNise is an online operated bakery that adds a unique twist on home based businesses. Her decadent cakes, elegantly packaged in mason jars sporting her logo, are a sure sign that you are in for a treat.

Established in 2016, CookingWNise is already making its mark on the baking industry. Spelman College graduate and founder of the online gem, Andrenise Faust, is definitely setting trends and establishing her legacy with this innovative take on bakery products.

4. Something Smells Good


Owner and operator, Robert Bergeron, is keeping us fed and inspired during this time with his savory menu items. This traveling chef is bringing you upscale southern cuisine with a culinary twist. From his succulent rib tips to the flavor packed seafood boils, Bergeron is leaving no stone unseasoned.

"Something smells good," is what we’re left saying when these exquisite dishes enter the room. In addition to the quality of Bergeron’s services, one can also appreciate the convenience of this traveling chef. Primarily based out of Killeen, Texas, this chef is spreading goodness all throughout the metropolitan areas of Texas.

5. DJ A Plus


DJ A Plus is typically the source of all things lit in the Houston area. His day and night time escapades keep the city’s spirits up and bumping. As a guest DJ at rapper Fabolous’ release dinner for his album “Summertime Shootout 3,” the phenomenon is no novice to celebrity invitation.

DJ A Plus has a history of headlining appearances; typically you can catch him at local night time venues in Houston, Texas, such as Seaside Lounge, or guest appearing at well known festivals. For now, you can catch the young legend on Instagram live giving people something to bounce to during this quarantine season. Tuning in by the masses are hopeful viewers engaging with their favorite DJ at Club Quarantine.

While A Plus is attracting a different type of crowd these days, he’s definitely still giving the people what they want. Go DJ, that’s my DJ!