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Thanks to #Rona, the restaurant industry is suffering. Within days, restaurants had to switch from dine-in services to either providing delivery/drive-thru options or closing altogether. As a result, many chefs, servers, franchise owners and small business owners are questioning how they will eventually provide for themselves and their families in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, here are five ways you can support, if you’re able:

1. Check To See If Your Local Restaurant Is Offering Delivery Services

They may be closed for dine-in services, but many local restaurants are providing delivery options through your favorite delivery services. Call them and ask.

2. Support Local Food Trucks

Food trucks are a little overlooked at this moment, but they actually are perfect for the job! Since they’re mobile, they can be almost anywhere (given permit/ordinance restrictions). Some are even rolling through neighborhoods like ice cream trucks right now making sure people have food to eat.

Concerned about standing outside or in a line? Many food trucks are available on the same delivery app services as brick and mortars, so don’t sleep on them.

3. Purchase A Gift Card From A Restaurant Owned By A Black Franchisee

Franchisees are also taking hit right now, especially Black franchisees. Even prior to the corona outbreak, Black franchise owners often faced discrimination in opportunities to expand and make revenue by the franchisor when compared to their white counterparts. If you want to support a Black-owned franchise in your area, try purchasing a gift card to be used for delivery services now or possibly dine-in at a later time.

4. Support Digital Content Produced By Black Chefs

Some Black chefs have taken to social media, live streaming to provide home cooking tutorials for those who need education in basic food preparation as well as those who want a little razzle-dazzle in their quarantine meals. Use this opportunity to give whatever you can afford for their knowledge and service to their Cash App, Venmo, PayPal, etc. Every bit counts!


5. Purchase Cookbooks By Black Chefs

Rona might be here for a minute, so now is the time to brush up on our reading and cooking skills. Purchasing cookbooks from Black chefs allows you to do both!