Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s Mario Van Peebles-directed sports drama, Things Fall Apart, has received quite a bit of ink on S&A, so I won't rehash.

I just got word that first, as the title of this post states, the film is no longer called Things Fall Apart, but All Things Fall Apart instead. The change was made by the company distributing the film Image Entertainment; though I have no explanation yet. But I'll take a guess and say that they may have been influenced by the fact that the original title is also the name of a seminal, well-known piece of literature by Nigerian author Chinua Achebe, and wanted to avoid further confusion (I say further because I recall in previous posts about the film, some commenters said that, upon seeing the original title of the film, they immediately thought it was an adaptation of Achebe's novel, which isn't at all the case).

But that's just my theory. I'll update this post if I learn differently. Maybe it's nothing that *deep.*

Secondly, the 2011 installment of the Urbanworld Film Festival, which revealed its lineup about 2 weeks ago, just announced that it has added All Things Fall Apart to its slate this year. It'll screen on Friday, September 16 at 7:30pm, and will be followed by a Q&A with director Peebles and actress Lynn Whitfield.

The festival runs from September 14-18, at AMC 34th Street in midtown Manhattan

I'll certainly be there to watch the film, which will be followed by my review of course!

The trailer debuted a few months ago, and was met with mostly jeers from you folks, so I assume it's not particularly high on your lists of films to see.

Fiddy reportedly lost 54 pounds in preparation for his role in the movie in which he plays a promising professional football player prospect in his senior year in college, whose career is challenged after he discovers that he has cancer – hence the drastic weight-loss. Some family drama, familiar tragic circumstances, self-actualization leading to redemption, all ensue.

Things fall apart co-stars Ray Liotta, Lynn Whitfield, Mario Van Peebles, and Tracey Heggins, whom we last saw in Barry Jenkins’Medicine For Melancholy.

Check out the trailer (and some stills) below; I won't be surprised if this gets taken down soon, so see it now while you can: