Current TV is currently counting down their well-researched list of 50 Documentaries To See Before You Die, doing so in bits and pieces over what seems to be several weeks.

Morgan Spurlock hosts the series, which they are calling a celebration of the most remarkable and moving documentaries released in the past 25 years, examining how the documentary feature has evolved into an increasingly popular genre, becoming a box office draw and impacting contemporary American culture.

The series premiered August 2nd, and airs every Tuesday night at 9PM.

The next episode will air on the 16th. I think they’ve counted down to the 30s now.

Here’s what was at number 39; it should be familiar (back episodes can be found HERE; thus far, I haven’t seen any of Spike Lee’s docs on the list, so let’s hope we’ll find at least 1 of them in the lower digits):