A disappointing Oscar ceremony, dubbed as one of the whitest ceremony so far along with the unremarkable Grammy Awards, has set us off in a direction that, for the most part, is uncertain but will be sure to keep us hooked to our computer screens scouring for content that will add to the effervescent question: What’s going to happen next?

Having penned a previous article on the nature of Black representation on British television at the beginning of the month, I have slowly made the transition back to the holy grail of original writing from Black creatives – the web series!

For the courtesy of our comrades stateside, I have compiled a list of shows that are coming to our laptop screens this year! Below is a list of what we are likely to be seeing in the coming months:

1.    Dear Jesus (Season Four)


Written by the talented and witty Danielle Scott-Haughton, this brilliant comedy-drama following the life of twenty-something waitress, Mercedes and her life as she struggles with God, love and life altering situations.

Don’t be deceived; there will no bible bashing. Think Moesha sitting up in her room with her diary, but instead of a sixteen year old in her room; it’s a young woman in her twenties typing her thoughts on her laptop.

The show is about the relationship between a woman who wants to do the right thing, even when the right thing may have the lowest of morals.

To check out more, visit the page here, and if you haven’t seen the show yet you are in for a treat!

2.     Ackee and Saltfish (Season 1)



Off to a cracking start, Cecile Emeke has taken hold of social media and captivated them with her Strolling series. She has since then come to the fore with a fresh new series Ackee and Saltfish following the lives of Olivia (Michelle Tiwo) and Rachel (Vanessa Babirye): two young black women in their twenties from London.

From questioning why Common won’t love them, whether couscous is a grain and how a friendship can go on without Lauryn Hill, you are definitely in for a treat this season.

We can only expect great things from Cecile, Vanessa Babirye and Michelle Tiwo. These are set to be short bursts of fun, guaranteed to uplift you on those days when your fridge isn’t full and all you want are some laughs.

For more by Cecile Emeke, including Strolling, Ackee and Saltfish (Short Film)  and Fake Deep click here to subscribe to her YouTube page. Be inspired!

3.     Housemates


As Black Ballad accurately points out “if there has been one type of show missing on YouTube, in this new wave of web series, it’s a black British comedy led by an all female cast. That was until new show Housemates came along.

Written and directed by Monique Needman, Housemates is a sitcom following the lives of five twenty-something black women living together.”

It will come to the Brothers With No Game Channel on YouTube in March!

Stay Tuned.”**

4.     #SoHeSays     maxresdefault.jpg

From the creators of Brothers With No Game, comes an on topic talk show #SoHeSays; a discussion show talking from men’s perspectives ranging from relationships, sex, preferences and marriage.  Men of varying ages and opinions, come together to provide this witty and funny exchange while balancing the seriousness of the topic is refreshing.

If you’re looking for some outlandish, but equally entertaining, opinions be sure to tune in to these conversations here!

5.     A Day in the Life of Daddy


More from the talent of the Brothers With No Game team comes a fresh new perspective on the role of the black single father. The story revolves around Kwame, his ex-girlfriend Makaila and their six-year-old daughter Tiffany.

The story, while it has it’s limits is a generally a good one. With superb acting from Shamailah Pascal who plays Tiffany, and Tapiwa Madovi and Rochelle Rose who play her parents, hopefully we can see more episodes to follow for 2015.

Two watch the first three episodes, click here!

6.     #TheLoftTV (Season 2)


Another on-topic talk show, Season 2 of #TheLoft is well on the way to discussing relevant topics affecting our generation. Questions such as: Is Marriage Still Important? Women and their Appearance: What’s the big deal? And: What does it mean to be Black British?

As far as the web-medium goes, the viewership is stellar.

For more, check them out here.

Hope to be seeing more from this in 2015!

** This post has been edited to properly cite Black Ballad as the original H/T for Housemates.

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