Sometimes, allyship can be as simple as being intentional about where you buy things.

The holidays present a spectacular time to not only back brands that have a powerful mission statement but reflect their commitment to equality in their products. 

We found six products from businesses owned by queer and trans people of color (QTPOC) — with items ranging from home goods to beauty products — that will make perfect gifts for the out and proud person in your life. 

1. "EquALLity" patch

Founded by Ashley Padmore and Whitney Washington, We Tight Knit is a Black and queer-owned chain stitch embroidering company. The duo sells creative and colorful patches but one of our favorites has to be their "EquALLity" patch. The company takes custom orders as well. 


Credit: WeTightKnit

2. Rainbow fingerspell pin

Queer, Latinx creative Bianca Negron runs her small business Bianca Designs out of Queens, New York. For the minimalist in your life who advocates for the deaf community, gift them this rainbow ASL fingerspell. Negron vows to donate 10% of profits to Helping Educate to Advance the Rights of Deaf Communities (HEARD), a nonprofit that works to abolish violence against individuals in the deaf/disabled community.

3. "Trans is Beautiful" shirt

Founded by Devin Norelle, proceeds from this Trans is Beautiful shirt will go toward helping trans individuals pay for surgeries, name changes, living expenses and other necessary resources they may not be able to afford on their own.

4. "No Sesso" hoodie

Translating to "no sex/no gender" in Italian, No Sesso made history in 2019 when they became the first transgender-owned brand to present a line at New York Fashion Week. For your fashion-forward bestie, splurge on this hoodie that pairs with jeans, joggers or any bottoms of their choosing.

5. "Watu" bow

Bowtie Behavior came about after owner Robin "Robbie" Williams, a queer woman of color was on the hunt for a bowtie for a friend's bridal shower. The Bronx native promises all pieces are handmade with top-quality material and she even has a tutorial on her site on how to tie them. For anyone who wants to skip the "tying" part, this "Watu" bow is pre-tied.

6. "Women of Color are the Backbone of America" t-shirt

Sabine Maxine Lopez is a Black queer hard femme from Los Angeles, California. All of Lopez's pieces at A Tribe Called Queer not only make a statement but are also budget-friendly. This "Women of Color are the Backbone of America" shirt comes in both black and white.

Happy holidays and stay proud!