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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner allowing the perfect space to explore our ideas about love.

What’s your love life like? Do you find yourself often feeling like you can’t find a good match or you seem to be less than desirable to those you desire?

Have you decided once you get your career straight or your money right then you can open yourself up to love? Great! This article is for you. I am presenting an alternate perspective because perspective shapes reality, meaning what you see in your mind or hold as your belief is what will be your reality.

I’d like to offer that I am not in a relationship right now so my views are not reflective of my current situation, however, I am very much in love with life. There also was a time when I believed, based on what I was continuously told, that love shouldn’t be my priority but my success should. No one actually thought they might go together. Although this is great advice for a child, as an adult, not so much!

We can sometimes get caught up in the idea that we need to have certain things in place before we can take on a romantic partner. I do agree there is a level of self-work we could all benefit from before diving into anything with another person but that goes for any kind of relationship — business included.

I’ve discovered that I’m a person who thrives when in relationships and romantic love. It enhances every part of my life. Who says relationships have to be distractions or burdens, especially in this time period, when we pride ourselves on being conscious, aware, WOKE people?

I do well being with myself. I love myself and value alone time. I don’t need a romantic partner for life to be good but I have experienced that life is definitely sweeter when sharing romance with another.

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As I become more self-aware, I notice love is vital to my entire self and everything I do. My sun sign is Taurus, which means I am ruled by Venus, the planet of love, money, beauty and sex. It’s not a game. Some dismiss the influence of the cosmos as superstitious but in my experience, it’s real.

Seriously, though. Even without cosmic influence, I can speak to the power of love, passion and sex as the greatest muse to create beauty and money. Just ask Anthony Hamilton about “Charlene.”

How deep is your love?

Here are more questions you can use to gauge your love barometer:

  1. Is romantic love showing up for you? If not, how might you be blocking it?
  2. Are you open to it?
  3. Are you afraid of it?
  4. What are your beliefs about romance?
  5. Do you allow love into your life or are you fixed with rules and stipulations?
  6. What is the capacity of your heart to give and receive love?

Don’t limit your life by the absence of your innerstanding of deep love connections. Get it together!


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