After a five-year hiatus, 6lack returns with a new single and album. The singer released the music video and title track for his new album, Since I Have a Lover. 

The 30-year-old singer dropped the video preceding the arrival of his third studio album on March 24. 

Directed by Andrew Donoho, the video opens with the singer falling from the sky during a storm. Then, he crashes through the roof of a house, and the song’s opening chords start. The upbeat, piano-heavy track catches you by surprise compared to the gloomy visuals. 

As he struggles to stand on top of the roof’s debris, the Atlanta native opens the song, “Feel like a million bucks or somethin’ / Feel like we need to be up to somethin’ / Not tryna press my luck or nothin’.”

6lack struggles to find his way out of the abandoned house and continues singing lyrics narrating similar feelings of confusion. 

His world turns to color as he makes his way outside and gets a view of others in moments of love or joy. As he floats through the streets in a dream-like state, the video represents the highs that can come with love once you allow yourself to experience it.