Landing your dream job is about more than just your past work experience and your skills. It’s also about leaving a great first impression at your interview. And for many hiring managers, to get the part, you have to look the part. If you weren’t given clear instructions on the company’s dress code, use these 7 tried and true fashion tips when interviewing for your dream job:

1. Never have bare legs.

Always wear stockings, tights, or some type of clothing on your legs unless you know the office dress code allows it.

2. Avoid open-toe or backless shoes.

Err on the side of comfort and professionalism, especially for the interview.

3. Dress according to company culture.

fashion tips for your next interview

If you’re interviewing with a fashion company, don’t be afraid to add your own personal style. In general, work clothing doesn’t have to be boring. You can express yourself through color, patterns and layers when done in moderation.

4. Be comfortable.

If wearing skirts isn’t your thing, don’t force it. Look for alternatives that will impress your future employers but also keep you comfortable.

5. Remove your facial piercings. 

You might find out later that the company is accepting of piercings. But to be on the safe side, just remove them.

6. Be mindful of your jewelry. 

Watches are great, but jangly bracelets can be distracting. Avoid jewelry that’s too loud or will tempt you to mess with it during the interview.

7. Purses and handbags matter. 

Avoid distracting designs and go for something simple that will hold what you need if you choose to bring one into the interview.

These tips should help you focus on preparing to prove how perfect you are for the job, instead of stressing about what outfit is workplace appropriate. Good luck!

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