The year is 2001 and your boy is balling out in sixth grade at 11 years old. Friday comes around and my best friend invites me over to hang out, which can only mean one thing — Super Smash Bros. All of you know exactly what I’m talking about. Even now in 2016, when I see my friends, we hook up the old school CRT television and go in. Super Smash Bros isn’t just a game, these are battlegrounds we grew up on. Pride on the line, who are you going to pick? Are you going to go with Nintendo’s mascot Mario? Or give the (infinitely better) understudy Luigi a shot? Are you trying to dunk people with Legend of Zelda villain, Ganondorf? Or troll all your friends with Jigglypuff. With Smash Bros Melee turning 15 this month I’m going to go through my seven favorite characters.