Black representation anywhere should be a requirement. If we see someone of our kind achieve greatness, then we’re more prone to match that same level of excellence or aim to surpass it. Joining professional organizations offer us a great opportunity to develop genuine relationships with like-minded people, but while also providing a unique support system you’re probably not finding at work. Below are just a few professional organizations that are making great strides within the black community. 

1. Minorities In Media 

From the title alone, you can see that their mission it’s pretty self-explanatory. Minorities in Media (MIM) is an organization that provides multicultural media professionals access to exclusive job opportunities and informative panel discussions. The unique perk for joining this organization? Admission to a daily group chat where you can interact with an entire network of peers to share and receive immediate advice on practically anything you may have questions about.

Photo: Minorities In Media

2. Sisters In Media 

Founded by Syracuse University alum Ola Idowu, Sisters in Media is an organization for young women of color in New York City whose mission is to increase the presence of women of color within the entertainment industry. Through engaging panel discussions, which turn into effective networking sessions, Sisters in Media encourages the support of millennial hardworking women who are trying to achieve excellence in the city of dreams. Bookmark their page to remain posted on their upcoming events.

Sisters In Media

3. National Urban League 

If you’re in the non-profit sector and want to associate yourself with leaders in your community, this may be one of the best organizations for this service. Since its inception in 1910, the National Urban League stands as the largest community-based organization that focuses on empowering underrepresented urban communities. Through their extensive affiliates found in 36 states, they provide resources such as programming, public policy research, and advocacy in order to improve the lives of more than 2 million people nationwide.

Photo: Instagram

4. The Association of Black Psychologists

Their mission statement reads “ABP sees its mission and destiny as the liberation of the African Mind, empowerment of the African Character, and enlivenment and illumination of the African Spirit.” In short, this organization serves to expand and represent the advancement of African Psychology, and most importantly, develop programs for Black Psychologists to solve problems found in black communities and other ethnic groups.

Photo: African American Registry

5. The National Association of Black Journalists

This organization is dedicated to providing quality programs for college students and working media professionals. Between their regional events, and their annual overnight conventions, you’re bound to build a widespread network with media professionals from all over the country.

Photo: Topsy.One

6. The National Black MBA Association

For those pursuing careers in the corporate sector, the National Black MBA Association nurtures professionals by helping them navigate the competitive business environment through its five channels of engagement: career, education, entrepreneurship, leadership and lifestyle. What’s more? They’ve provided unmatched support through their innovative programs and esteemed partnerships.

Photo: Style Magazine

7. The Organization of Black Designers

OBD is a national professional organization for all designers: interior designers, fashion, illustrators, graphic designers, you name it! Their official website includes a job board tailored specifically for designers and information regarding an annual conference called DesigNation you wouldn’t want to miss if you’re a creative professional!

Photo: Organization of Black Designers


Whether you’re interested in serving or receiving support from your immediate community, these organizations offer invaluable resources. Make moves this 2017 and join a network ready to meet your professional needs.