“Mama, I love ya,” but from the tight braids to hot combs, bobble hair ties and thick hair grease, our tender scalps and kinky locks went through it as little girls!

And while we couldn't freely state our opinions to our mothers back then, we'd like to take this time now to reminisce on what went through our minds as children.

1. Being fearful of ever getting any water in your hair before your scheduled wash day, because you knew your mom would have a fit.

2. Feeling annoyed when your mom forced you to go to school wearing bobble hair ties to fasten your pigtails, while all the other kids wore their hair out.

3. Getting ready to cry as you sat in a chair for hours, having your hair pulled back so tightly that you had Ronald McDonald eyebrows, while waiting for your mom to finish your single braids or cornrows.

4. Waking up with one side of your face feeling like a burger wrapper from Hardee's due to all the thick grease your mom put in your hair the night before.

5. The fear you felt when your mom heard you mumble something along the lines of, “detangling and ripping it out are not the same thing.”

6. Sending up a silent prayers to God when the hot comb got a little too close to your ears.

7. Moving into adulthood, taking charge of your own hair, and despite what society might say, loving every inch of it.

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