While under quarantine, it can be easy to get a little lonely. You may be in a vulnerable state and tempted to send or answer DMs or texts you otherwise wouldn't.

Here are seven people who have reentered the dangerous game of dipping into the ex-bae pool. 

1. Villain or hero?

This woman has mastered the art of war with her "get them before they get you" mentality. Many people will shoot off "hey big head" texts, why not let it be you?

2. The social distancing epiphany

As he is the king of toxic relationships, you can always count on Future memes to show up when relationship shenanigans are afoot. 

3. Silent mode

This woman encourages us to be responsible. Prepare yourself and put your phone on "quiet mode." You don't want to wake up to any surprises. 

4. Straight f**kery

Imagine not being able to take a trip without your significant other dumping you because of it. Now, imagine that person popping up six years later. This poor woman had a blast from the past when the Rona caused an ex to materialize. We hope that trip to Wales was awesome. 

5. Alias profiles

It's bad as it is getting a message from your ex. It's an added act of desperation to be contacted from a random profile. This young woman's ex seemingly decided to play confessional from a fake profile. 

6. The countdown

As the days tick on, each moment in isolation becomes more random than the last. Clearly, not everyone can be held accountable for their actions. On a positive note, this woman and her ex buried the hatchet, or something like that. 

7. Day 7 without soccer

This one fellow was so hard-pressed for game, he was considering being the object of it.