According to GenForward, a bimonthly survey conducted by the University of Chicago, most white millennials now disapprove of Trump.

They join millennials of other races, who the same poll found have always disapproved of the president. 

The change comes as disapproval of Trump among white millennials rose from 47 percent to 55 percent in the most recent poll, which was conducted between June 23 and July 10.

Black, Latinx and Asian American millennials have maintained a much higher disapproval rate than that of their white peers. The poll found that 76 percent of blacks, 68 percent of Latinxs and 67 percent of Asian Americans disapprove of Trump. This is in line with the results of previous polls.

There are some young Americans who feel that Donald Trump is doing a good job. His approval ratings are currently 10 percent among black millennials and 29 percent among white millennials.

The racial divide continued when pollsters asked whether Donald Trump would do what is right for the country. 58 percent of whites said that he would do what is right most or some of the time, whereas the majority of black and Latinx respondents responded that Trump never would.

The survey displayed an even more explicit racial divide when respondents were asked how elected officials should govern.

The majority of black, Latinx and Asian American millennials advocated for “explicit resistance” to Trump, whereas 63 percent of white millennials argued that Democrats should cooperate with Trump and other Republicans.

According to an ABC News/Washington Post survey, Trump’s overall approval rating taken six-months into his presidential term is 36 percent. Trump’s current approval rating is the lowest it has been for any president at this point in 70 years of polling.