Due to recent tragedies, there have been several reports in the news singling out Black youth. While they have been recognized in some capacity, the majority of the stories have been negative. Let’s change that.

Allow me to introduce eight young Black kids who will leave your jaw on the floor.

 1. Esther Okade

Esther is a 10-year-old math genius. She’s currently enrolled as an undergraduate in a UK-based university called Open College. Esther plans on getting her Ph.D. at age 13 in finances.



2. Ginger Howard

Ginger is a professional golfer. At age 17, she was the youngest African American in the world to go pro and win her debut tournament.


3. Daquan Chisholm

At age 12, Daquan invented the first bullet-proof police helmet.



4. Chelsea Dock

Chelsea is a gifted classical pianist. By age 13, she had already played at several elite venues, including Madison Square Garden.


5. Rochelle Ballantyne

Rochelle is a professional chess player. She ranks in the 99th percentile of junior players.


6. Stephen R. Stafford II

At the age of 13, Stephen began perusing degrees in computer science, mathematics and pre-med at Morehouse College.


7. Carson Huey-You

Carson began his college career at Texas Christian University at 11 years old. He might reach his goal of obtaining his Ph.D. by the age of 20.


8. Adam Kirby

At 23 months, Adam potty trained himself! All it took was for him to read a book on the subject. As a 2-year-old, Adam’s IQ was measured at 141 — which is higher than the majority of U.S. presidents.