There's a special group of people who influence the popularity of foods we love and hate: The foodie.

Food lovers, bloggers, chefs and home cooks help us explore a variety of cuisines from different cities, states, countries and continents. This holiday, better yet this year, has proven to be the perfect time to shower our loved ones in their love language. So, if there is a special foodie in your life, check out this hot list of gift ideas that will warm their hearts and wow their tastebuds. 

1. Guilty Grape Wine Delivery

Perhaps your foodie friend is a sommelier or just really loves a good fermented grape juice. Either way, having wine delivered to them during the pandemic is a solid and convenient gift. Shop with the Black woman-owned Guilty Grape for their exquisite wine made at some of the finest micro-vineyards in California.

2. Adult AppleSauce

Some food experiences can really send you on a trip down memory lane. But, if we're honest, we sometimes feel silly sneaking and eating the kids' snacks. Thankfully, Black-owned food brands like Sanaia Applesauce are creating adult apple sauce blends with flavors suited for our palettes like hibiscus and lavender pear.

3. Savor Spice Co. Seasoning Set

Every good foodie deserves a little spice. And every meal deserves seasoning. This Holiday Spice + Syrup + Sugar Bundle from Savor Spice Co. or any of their other amazing spices and seasoning blends are literally packaging all of the holiday flavors your family needs this year.

4. Handcrafted Kitchenwear from UziZuri

Quality kitchenware doesn't get enough recognition, but we can almost guarantee that all of your foodie friends will swear by their stone mixers, bamboo spoons and handwoven fruit baskets decking their cooking space. Add to your list of essential kitchen items by gifting your foodie an extra-large serving bowl from UziZuri.

5. Custom dinner plates & Utensils from Karen Jai Home

Every food lover has hosted or dreamed of hosting their ideal dinner party. Let's help them set the stage for setting the table. Karen Jai Home is a Black woman-owned home goods and kitchenware brand that does dining with a design like no other.

6. Foodie Themed Apparel by Black Foodie

A proud foodie is always a good vibe and when you're out with them you know they have no shame in discussing anything food-related, on and off the menu. The next time your food-loving friend wants to "grab brunch" or "try a new recipe," they can do it in style wearing one of these cool t-shirt designs from Black Foodie.

7. A Cookbook

We may not all be able to gather in our usual mass celebrations this Christmas, but that doesn't mean we can't still cook like it. Giving a foodie a gift that keeps on giving, like The Rise, a cookbook by world-famous chef Marcus Samuelsson, will allow them to continue to enjoy new foods and recipes while safely staying in.

8. Chicago French Press Coffee

A nice cup of coffee can really kick your day into gear. If there's a foodie you know who enjoys their daily cup of "joe" then buying them coffee from Chicago French Press would be the sugar and cream atop a perfect holiday. Their Maple Pecan blend is perfect for the holiday season.

May your holidays bring all the savor and flavor.