As 2015 draws to a close, there is one great cause that we must unite together to achieve. After an epic year for the young MC from South London, Stormzy needs our help to get his track “Shut Up” to number one in the UK charts. Here are just some of the reasons why this needs to happen:

1. It’s time for grime

No grime artist has ever had a Christmas number one in the UK. That’s a travesty in and of itself, but as we end a great year for the genre, this would be the perfect way to crown an incredible year. With his MOBO award for best Grime Act earlier this year, Stormzy is definitely the man who can bring this home for us.

2. He’s already made history

Earlier this year, Stormzy’s WickedSkengman 4 became the first freestyle to enter the official top 20 Chart in the UK. He was also the first unsigned MC to perform on Later with Jools Holland. Christmas number one would complete this epic hat-trick. 

Photo: Stormzy

3. He’s inspiring the youth

Any musician who inspires this level of creativity and hilarity in the younger generation definitely deserves our support:

Come on, do it for the kids!

4. He’s going global

From South London to South Africa, Stormzy is making waves. In this time of ever-greater unity throughout the diaspora, Stormzy is exactly what we need, a symbol of that language that we all speak: music.

5. He’s a man of the people

Many of you will have watched Stormzy perform this weekend as Anthony Joshua took to the ring. Not only is he a supporter of sports, he is a patron of the arts, due to appear in Noel Clarke’s Brotherhood later this year. Stormzy is out here putting the work in for people from all walks of life — he deserves our support!

6. He stays sharp

stormz session
Stormzy a

Really, need I say more?

7. Reggie and Bollie didn’t win X-Factor

We were so hopeful, but alas, even Fuse ODG and Craig David couldn’t quite bring home the victory that we were all hoping for. The only thing that can remedy this travesty is Stormzy getting the Christmas number one.

8. He loves his mum

Stormzy showed love to his mum in his MOBO acceptance speeches. That gets major points in my book. So if the seven reasons above didn’t convince you, let’s do this for Stormzy’s mum!

We can do this — #ShutUpForXMasNo1 — Let’s make it happen, people!