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Whether it's a regular catch up or a special occasion to celebrate, we continue to find ourselves looking at new routines along with innovative and fun ways to stay connected during these unprecedented days. As people get together online with friends and family while enjoying a drink at home, it’s even more important to make positive choices and socialize responsibly.

From picking a theme or planning the perfect shared playlist, to keeping track of the amount of drinks people are having during virtual happy hours, I’m sure the following list of top tips will be very helpful to plan a successful and responsible online evening.

1. Plan A Theme

Have fun choosing virtual backgrounds and getting dressed up for a movie night, music and karaoke, back to the 90s or an indoor “beach party.” Just be creative and get everyone involved. 

2. Pick The Perfect Guest List

Make sure your guests will all feel comfortable connecting with each other. Remember that sometimes a smaller group can be better for virtual conversations.

3. Make Time To Eat: Food Is Your Friend

Never drink alcohol on an empty stomach and always have something to eat before drinking. Food will slow down the absorption of alcohol. Meals or snacks with protein and fats (healthy fats are an option, of course) are most effective for alcohol absorption. Also, fruits and vegetables are important because they have high water content and can help you stay hydrated.

4. Share Party Playlists: Keep The Beats Flowing

Music is always a great way to stay connected. Fire up your favorite playlist or choose music according to the theme you have picked for the celebration.

5. Measure Your Pour: Drink Better, Not More

Make sure you are using standard drink measures, or you can also use unit measuring cups that can be found in the kitchen. This will help you track your drinks. Encourage your friend to do the same.

6. Not Talking? Hit Mute!

We’ve all been there! So, remember to be mindful of everyone else when it’s not your turn to talk.

7. Mix It Up With A Mocktail

Get creative and mix things up. Try non-alcoholic versions of your favorite cocktail!

8. Pace Yourself

Enjoy the moment. There is no rush. You can also space your cocktails with soft drinks, juice or sparkling water.

In addition to these tips — which can also be found in this video — you can learn more interesting facts about alcohol and responsible drinking by taking the DRINKiQ quiz. Share the quiz with family and friends so they can test their knowledge and see who has the highest score.


Dr. Danielle Robinson is the Director of Alcohol Policy and Corporate Reputation Management at Diageo