Valentines Day is filled with flowers, chocolates, and candle lit dinners but what do you do when you are a young black and attractive single? Hit up your ex and see what they’re up to? Bad idea! Invite the girl you met last week at the club to watch 50 shades of grey? That’s a little better but still a bad idea. If you find yourself single with nothing but time on your hands  on v-day – I’ve compiled the eight ways to get through it.

1. Netflix

Endless movies and tv shows all day?!? Sounds like a great day to me. You don’t have to worry about watching any love movies because you have full control of what you want to watch. Some great shows to binge watch on Valentines Day are Dexter, Orange is the New Black, and House of Cards. The all have great storylines and will have you wanting more.

2. Hit up the gym

The gym is the best place to relieve stress. Get that run in on the treadmill or get that intense workout in on the elliptical. Whatever you do just don’t be that meat head that goes in the gym to flex and stare at the mirror. Be efficient and actually get a quality workout in! Valentines day is the perfect day to go because all of the couples are out so the gym won’t be crowded.

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3. Poker night

Hit up all of your single fellas and invite them over for poker. Order up some pizza and wings and make a night of it. It’s an enjoyable time to catch up with old and new pals. It’s a great chance to kick back and have fun without the stress of worrying about actually not having a girlfriend or the stress of making sure everything is perfect on Valentines Day.

4. Take your mom out

Moms are extremely important so they should be celebrated. Why not take the one woman that will always love you no matter what out to dinner on Valentines day? Use this dinner as a tool to learn more about dating and how to treat a lady. Ask your mom about what she experienced when she was dating and what gems she can bestow upon you. Moms are like Yoda when it comes to relationship advice so always keep your ears open.

5. Read a good book

Reading on a Saturday night sounds pretty boring huh? Well its not if you are in a book club and can talk about the book with articulate people. Spend your Valentines day with the Blavity book club. Sign up at

6. Make a new “friend”

There are plenty of single women on v-day looking for you to finally make your move. Picking up a girl on v-day can tricky though. She wants someone who is romantic and not a total asshole. So when approaching a single lady be calm, cool, and confident. If you see that one girl you have been dying to talk to just shoot your shot and don’t regret it. Play to your strengths never let her see you sweat. The key is to smile and focus on her and not your self.

7. All-Star weekend

If you want to get out and have fun then you should travel to All-Star weekend with your friends in New York. It’s a great chance to let loose and meet new people (thots). You might even run into a couple of celebrities here and there. The bright lights and a city that never sleeps makes for an extremely interesting weekend.

8. Throw a party

Get all the local singles together and throw a party that they’ll never forget! A room full of singles plus adult beverages and the right music playing can lead to a memorable time. You can also have fun games set up such as Twister or Taboo if you don’t want to throw a traditional party.You’re only young once so enjoy being single now and all the different experiences that comes with it.

Valentines Day is meant for couples but there is no reason why black single men can’t enjoy the day as well. So put one of those ideas to action and have a good time!

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