Many people used 2020 and 2021 to re-prioritize professional goals and focus on finding that dream job, starting a new career or taking the leap into business ownership.

But growing a successful business takes time and resources. Enter Meta Elevate! As a community and learning platform dedicated to increasing economic advancements for businesses, nonprofits, creators, community leaders, students and job seekers, it’s specially equipped to help small business owners crush their goals in the new year. 

The platform provides a range of resources, including free digital workshops, one-on-one support, digital skills training, scholarships and an active online community to tap into for support. 

To help keep your business hustling forward in 2022, we rounded up some best practices from the Meta Elevate community.

Write (or rewrite) the vision

Take a look at the notes or plans you documented before starting your business, and assess whether anything has changed. Are your goals the same? Do you need to scale back on your products or services? Are there ideas you intended to pursue but haven’t yet? Re-evaluate your initial ideas and move forward based on the knowledge you’ve gained since you started your business. If you need help, Meta Elevate provides guidance on how businesses can get a free, personalized marketing plan.

Know who you want to reach

If you said to yourself, “I want to reach everyone,” this tip is especially for you. Defining and understanding the specific group(s) of people you want to help, rather than trying to appeal to any and everybody, is key to making smart business moves. Meta Elevate has tools to help you get clarity on your audience.

Make it easy for people to take action

As a consumer, you know there are many different versions of every product and service you use. If you want to attract and retain customers or clients, don’t give them a reason to leave your website. Use your social media platforms as tools to drive them to the site and create a seamless user experience for when they get there.

Ask for help 

If doing too much was a person, would that person be you? Take time to figure out what your lane is and what you want to spend most of your time doing for your business. Outsource the other things or create a plan to work toward outsourcing those duties in the future. Complete existing obligations and commit to saying “No” to tasks or projects that don’t align with your primary focus. You can also join the Meta Elevate Facebook group to connect with a mentor and entrepreneurs. 

Collaborate with others

One way to increase your impact is by partnering with businesses, brands or nonprofits that can amplify your message. Is it possible to donate a portion of your profits to a social good enterprise? Do you know of local influencers who could work with you to promote your products or services? 

Post with purpose

Content planning is a whole job. After you’ve researched and defined your audience, streamline your social media posts by including the info and incorporating the aesthetics your audience needs to buy into your message. Meta Elevate has a free downloadable guide that can help you out.

Tell your story

Let the people know who you are. Research shows that self-expression is a significant factor in purchasing for millennials and Gen Z. These generations want to support brands that align with their personal values. You could start by adding diversity info to your Facebook business page.

Take care of yourself

“She believed she could but she needed a break, so she said no.” – an internet proverb

Sacrificing your physical, mental or emotional health for your business is not it. Whether it’s finding a therapist, taking a spa day or getting back into exercising, you probably already know what you need to do. Here are some tips from a small business owner in the Meta Elevate community on taking care of your body while running a business.

The future is bright and with some fine-tuned strategies and access to content, support and education, we are on the rise — together. 

This editorial is brought to you in partnership with Meta Elevate.