nullThe latest issue of Black Camera black cinema journal is now available, and, as always, you’re strongly encourage to pick up a copy/subscribe online. 

In it, you’ll find an extensive close-up on Haile Gerima’s examination of the displacement of African intellectuals – Teza – from Guest Editor Greg Thomas

Other scintillating essays include The “Black Man’s Vision of the World”: Rediscovering Black Arts Filmmaking and the Struggle for a Black Cinematic AestheticBlack Glamour and the Hip-Hop Renaissance: Idlewild’s Debt to Cabin in the Sky; and more.

This issue is now available online via JSTOR

Looking ahead to the next issue, scheduled for fall publication, will feature a close-up on Afrosurrealism in film/video, edited by one Terri Francis, who has contributed at least 2 pieces to S&A – her comprehensive interview with Kevin Jerome Everson (HERE), and a review of the feature documentary OnePeople (HERE).

Check out the front cover of the latest issue which spotlights Teza: