By now, you’ve pulled out your beanies and long coats, and you’re probably checking your weather app on a regular basis. But cuddling is arguably the best way to beat the cold while both strengthening the immune system and lowering your risk of depression.

With cuffing season fast-approaching, the draft is now open. How will you go about recruiting for your starting lineup? Or maybe you’ve already selected a few and now you’re waiting to shoot your shot.

All this means is that you still have time and ample opportunity to step your game up. That said, don’t make these mistakes when recruiting this cuffing season:

Not setting boundaries

Know what it is before you get knee-deep in it. Know what you’re willing to do and not willing to do when it comes to sexual favors, paying on dates and whether you should mention your “situationship” to family and friends. Cuffing season is about making it through the frigid winter cold by keeping your cuff life lit. You don’t want to get burned because you didn’t go into it with some kind of understanding. Having a clear understanding from the get-go will save you a lot of long-winded conversations come February.

Not taking care of yourself first

Know your status, and know your potential bae’s status. Protection is important.

Choosin’ up too soon

Don’t make the mistake of letting charm and a nice smile keep you from exploring your options. Just know, after homecoming it’s time to narrow in on those few strong contenders.

Long distance cuffing

That thing you had going on with your ex back home? Forget about it. Honestly, a long distance cuff is laughable when the temperatures drop below 45 degrees. Like, who’s giving massages and booty rubs from 1,000 miles away? That’s right, no one.

Choosing someone that lives too close

It’s like deciding to date someone you work with, it’s not a good look. You want your space when it’s time to be alone and miss that other person. Also, you don’t want it to be awkward if you don’t text this person back and then you run into them taking out the trash or something. Or worse, cuffing season comes to a close and you seem to bump into each other all the time. Just avoid it altogether.

Choosing someone from your immediate circle of friends

This is almost never a good idea, especially if all your other friends are aware of it. It makes things awkward amongst the whole group if things end badly.

Cuffing someone who can’t cook

You shouldn’t be the only one in the kitchen! Find you someone who’s willing to bring you breakfast in bed, knows how to make a decent sandwich, or at least owns a grill. Netflix and chill? More like, feed me and chill.

Making permanent moves for your temporary bae

This means making any legally binding decisions, whatever they might be. Don’t list this person as your emergency contact and don’t call this person if you need a shoulder to cry on. It might sound harsh, but it’s in your best interest not to get to emotionally invested lest you know you it’s real.

Someone who doesn’t have anything in common with you

What if you plan on cuddling on Sundays and they’re really into football? Or if you’re really into protecting your energy and your partner has no idea what a chakra is? Really think about it, this is someone you could be snowed in with for days. Find someone with somewhat similar interests that you can actually hold a conversation with.

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