Nipsey Hussle’s death has had a profound effect on the Black community.

Hussle died on March 31 after he was shot multiple times by Eric Holder in front of his Marathon Clothing store. Since then, there has been an outpouring of grief from celebrities, fans and even people who were not fans of his music before his death. 

Social media is brimming with creative and heartfelt praises to the “Dedication” rapper.

Here are a few of our favorite tributes to Nip:

1. J. Cole and Big Sean brought him to Dreamville Festival.

2. Someone recreated his image with hair beads.

3. Gangbangers called a truce.

4. Russell Westbrook played the second 20-20-20 game in NBA history and dedicated the feat to Nip.

5. The Nation of Islam marched to Marathon to pay its respects.

6. This young man and his date took Nip to prom.

7. An artist created this painting with fantastic attention to detail.

8. Rick Ross got Nipsey tatted on his arm.

9. He is the subject of several murals across the country.

Nipsey Hussle may be gone, but he definitely won't be forgotten.