One of the mainstays of the holiday season is the spirit of giving. From thanks-giving to gift-giving, what people seem to enjoy most during this season is sharing love and appreciation for one another. It is the spirit in which we give, that brings such good tidings. But, if most of us would be honest with ourselves, it is the gratification we get from seeing the smiles and excitement well up in our beloved's eyes that truly makes the shopping, gift wrapping and gift stashing worth it. What's even more gratifying is when that thankful, smiling face belongs to a sweet, little kid.

So, this holiday shopping season we've decided to help make your last-minute presents worth the hustle and bustle. Here are 10 gift ideas that celebrate being unapologetically Black, for the youngins in the family. 

1. Superhero cape and mask

Playing dress-up won't be the same after this gift! This cape and mask set will let your little one transform from a regular kid to a superhero of their choice.

2. Wooden arcade games

KiDo is a Chicago based, Black woman-owned store that presents cool, classic toys with modern designs. A popular item is the wooden pinball machine, an opportunity for you and the kids to bond over those ancient arcade game days. 

3. Books that celebrate Black girls

Who runs the world? Girls, of course. This book celebrates every girl who has positively impacted our world — past and present.

4. A book on being Black in America

Former NFL Player and family man Devale Ellis have given us The Ellises and The Time Machine, a book that we can share with our littles. The book discusses the harsh realities of life as a Black person in America, from a perspective they can understand. 

"This book is an acknowledgement that there needs to be a change in the way we educate our children. Black history is American history and should be told in its entirety," says Devale about the book.

5. Affirmation books

Sometimes, all our children need is to be affirmed; to be comforted, and shown that they beautiful just the way they are. "Little Black Boy It’s Okay" and "Little Black Girl It’s Okay" address some stereotypes Black children specifically may face as they grow through life. These books teach our children to own their Blackness and never be afraid to stand firm on what they believe is right.

6. Memory games

Little Likes Kids made this memory game to get the kids engaged and away from the TV screen for hours at a time. Encourage some friendly competition and learning among your kids this Christmas.  

7. Toy cameras

If there's a budding filmmaker in the family then this wooden production movie camera from KiDo might be the perfect gift for them. Give the gift of creativity to any kid who wants to dream big and make things happen in Hollywood. 

8. Teething mittens

Quarantine has put us onto new hobbies, outlooks and even new family members. For the babies of the bunch, this teething ring from Darlyn G and Co. will be a saving grace. No more gnawing on anything they can get their hands on, this teether has textures that will soothe their gums and ease your parenting worries about those budding baby teeth. 

9. Personalized superhero puzzles

If we're buying the cape, we may as well get a customized puzzle too, right? This superhero puzzle from Sweet Berry Lane can be customized to look like a characterized version of your little hero. How cool is that? 

These are just a few recommendations but we know the best thing gift you can give anyone during these god-awful times is love: May your holidays be filled with just that.