Gianni Graham, a 9-year-old girl from Norfolk, Virginia, is using her New Year’s resolution to help 1,000 local girls in foster homes and shelters by giving them Barbie dolls.

Gianni says she knows having clothing and food is important, but also knows how meaningful Barbies can be to young girls going through a difficult time. “I feel like girls in shelters should have the same as girls not in shelters,” Gianni told WTKR.

“I wanted to inspire them and give them encouragement,” she also said.

In addition to the Barbies, Gianni plans to include a personal letter with each doll and personally deliver them..

The first two dolls were from her own collection, now Gianni has received hundreds of donations.

Gianni’s mother, Whitney Graham told the Huffington Post, “Gianni explained to me that the Barbie can be a friend to the young girls when they feel that they have no one to talk to.”

To donate Barbies to Gianni’s cause, please visit her website.