An Alabama woman is still going strong with a unique business idea she started nearly six decades ago.

Louise Nall, now 96 years old, has been selling The Tuskegee News newspaper for 56 years. She first devised the idea when her 4-year-old son Walter told her he wanted to have his own money.

“So I told him we were going to the news office to get some papers. We went there and got 100 papers. Sold those papers so fast we had to go back and get some more,” Nall told WSFA.

Today, the Alabama woman can still be found outside her local grocery store, selling newspapers.

“She’s very important,” Scott Richardson with The Tuskegee News told WSFA. “She delivers 125-150 papers a week.”

Nall appreciates interacting with her community as she conducts her business.

“I love people,” she said. “We love to talk about everything.”

It’s also a chance for Nall to show young people the importance of being financially wise.

“When you see something you want and can’t afford it now, just get you a job,” she said. “Put you a quarter or fifty cents in there every week. You’ll be surprised at how that adds up for you.”

The community has learned to appreciate Nall’s positive vibes.

“For about the first 15 years I knew her, it was like, ‘How are you, Ms. Nall? Oh, I’m lovely,'” Richardson said.

Nall is getting love on social media for her remarkable journey.

“Well Done Madam!!! GOD BLESS YOU MADAM!!!” one person wrote.

Many more people showed their appreciation with emoji and kind words.

“What beautiful energy!” an Instagram user wrote.

“Congratulations on your continued success,” another person added.

The Tuskegee News is published weekly in Tuskegee, Alabama.