Hi S&A Readers! Today we have a special treat for the fashionably inclined out there! Joining us today is guest blogger, Jade; she’s a twenty-something fashion writer from Las Vegas, Nevada. Now and in the future, she will be sharing news and commentary on various aspects of style and design in the industry. Below check out her first offering, a fashion review of the television series, Singles Ladies. We hope you will enjoy the article and welcome her with open arms!

I’ve always been fascinated with the impact a character from both television and film can have on popular culture and trends alike, whether it’s Hepburn’s little black dress, layered pearls and Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses in Breakfast at Tiffany’s or pairing menswear with feminine accents á la Annie Hall. Far from these iconic films but just as fun is my current guilty pleasure and Vh1’s latest sitcom, Single Ladies.

The comedy/drama follows three single girlfriends as they deal with the hardships and perks of dating and building successful careers in the growing urban epicenter that is Atlanta, GA. This concept has undoubtedly been used before (and with much better acting), though set against the much more conventional backdrops of New York City and Los Angeles, i.e. Sex and the City and Girlfriends. And with any other show I would have changed the dial about five episodes ago however, there’s one thing that stops me every time: the fashion (and of course, the frequent celebrity appearances help, as well). While I doubt the show’s leading ladies will be flooded with any acting nods anytime soon for their portrayals, the show’s first season, just six episodes in, has proven to be quite abundant in cutting edge style and trends. So much so that I felt it was imperative to highlight the wardrobe of the show’s main character, Val Stokes, played by Clueless alum, Stacey Dash.

In each week’s episodes, Val, the owner of a clothing boutique, is seen donning feminine yet edgy pieces that showcase Dash’s impeccable figure. One of my personal favorites so far in the series is a crème BCBG Max Azria pants suit with structured shoulders and draping detail. This would not be the first time that an on screen performance by the aesthetically gifted Ms. Dash has helped influence current fashion trends.

(How could we forget the cleverly coordinated school-girl outfits and matching knee-high socks during her Clueless days?) Dash’s own personal fashion consultant and Project Runway alum, Anthony L. Williams hand picks all of Val’s looks for the show. The Atlanta based designer finds much of his inspiration for Val’s style by pulling from numerous sources. “I shop everywhere. Vintage, consignment, call in favors from fellow designers, Top Shop, Neiman Marcus, Zara Runway…I even shop out of Stacey’s closet,” he raves. “There have been random moments on set where I walked by a rack and stole a dress because I thought it would be fab on Stacey!” His styling may be the one aspect that keeps this show on the air and every fashionista’s radar. While I can’t say there’s much hope for these single ladies in finding a straight black man in Atlanta, let alone three, I do see great potential in the impact this show could have on popular culture and style. I look forward to seeing what Mr. Williams has in store for Val in future episodes and if the show can live up to its predecessors. You can catch Single Ladies Monday nights at 9pm ET/PT on Vh1.


Thanks to Jade for her fab review! Until next time…