During the 90th Academy Awards, hip-hop Artist Common revealed on the red carpet that he once left an encouraging voicemail on a young fan's phone. Surprisingly, that young fan grew up to be Chance The Rapper, the USA Today reports.

Apparently, the call happened as a favor for Common's grandmother.  

"My grandmother asked me [to talk to] one of her friends’ sons because he raps," he said. "I called his phone, he didn’t answer. I left a message, an inspiring message. I don't know what I said, [something like], 'Believe in what you're doing and go for it.'"

It wasn't until a decade later that Common discovered who he actually dialed-up. 

"Ten years later, I found out [I'd called] Chance the Rapper," Common said. 

That ounce of encouragement has gone a long way. Over the past decade, Chance has won three Grammys. He is a leader in the music industry and has been extremely successful despite the fact he refuses to sign with a label. He also leverages his platform for political and social change and consistently advocates on the behalf of the Chicago Public School system

Common, of course, is no stranger to activism either. During the Oscars, Common performed his Oscar-nominated song Stand "Up For Something" with singer Andra Day. His social justice infused song calls out the NRA and the Trump administration. In one line of the song Common says, "Tell the NRA they in God's way and tell the people of Parkland we say àse."