The Woman King director Gina Prince-Bythewood has teased some recent discussions that surround bringing back A Different World.

In a recent episode of Variety‘s Award Circuit Podcast, Prince-Bythewood talked with Clayton Davis about her history with the series, saying that it was “one of the definitive jobs of my career, one hundred percent.”

Prince-Bythewood started out at 'A Different World' as a writer, and she said that working on the series led her to work with several prominent Black women in the television industry.

A Different World, one, it was [one of my] favorite shows, so to literally go from watching Dwayne and Whitley to writing for Dwayne and Whitley was amazing, and it was written and run by Susan Fales-Hill…Debbie Allen, and Yvette Lee Bowser, who was a producer at the time,” she said. “…These women took me under the wing and guided me.”

She also added that working with these women--Black women who were leading such a big show--"made it normal" for her to imagine the same for herself

Prince-Bythewood said she met her husband, Reggie Bythewood, who came on as a writer as well, while working on the show.

But as for a reboot, Prince-Bythewood said that there have been conversations about such a thing over the years, including as recently as a few weeks before Prince-Bythewood recorded her Award Circuit Podcast episode.

"Through the years, there have been conversations about rebooting and literally a couple of weeks ago…there has been some substantial chatter," she said.

Even though there hasn’t been a reboot yet, there has been a 35-year anniversary retrospective of A Different World, which aired on TV One.