Boredom is definitely starting to kick in as people spend another week largely trapped inside for most of the day. To pass the time, Twitter folks have started debates about their favorite sports stars and artists, setting off fierce disagreements over musicians with the best catalogs.

One DJ decided to show his age and ignorance with one comparison, setting off a day of hilarious responses from the rest of Twitter.

Look, y’all wanna RT some shit put this out there, I’ll go song for song. Kanye vs Quincy Jones production. I’m puttin money up on it. If you not gonna go song for song for money, stop mentioning me.

— DJ Green Villain (@DJGreenVillain) March 30, 2020

DJ Green Villain was clowned almost immediately with dozens of people pointing out his failure to acknowledge the significance of Quincy Jones' 60-year career, which includes 80 Grammy Award nominations, 28 Grammy wins and production credits on Michael Jackson's timeless albums Off the WallThriller and Bad.

People were quick to point out his ignorance of good music.

If you discount Quincy Jones, you’re really showing how incredibly ignorant you are. That guy IS music.

Even rap legend Chuck D hopped into the comments to talk about how insane it was to even consider comparing West to Jones.

People that don’t know Quincy Jones work obviously and clearly use their phones for a toy rather than a tool

— Chuck D (@MrChuckD) March 30, 2020

The initial tweet had Jones trending on Twitter for most of Sunday, with many going through his legendary catalog to try and educate the DJ.

“what else did quincy jones do other than michael jackson albums” 

sweetie, we will be here all night WTF do you mean ????

— peach (@mspeacherino) March 30, 2020

There were also dozens of tweets questioning how a DJ could not know anything about Jones' work considering how many all-time hits he's associated with.

If you’re a DJ that does not understand or appreciate the impact of Quincy Jones to music, please, stop DJing.

— Tenacious Aych (@AychTenacious) March 30, 2020

Quincy Jones has been producing top hits since the early 60's — played in, arranged for, and conducted full orchestras and jazz bands before that — has written scores for NUMEROUS films — and some dumbass DJ had the gall to say Kanye West is more talented? ????

— That Guy Who Announces Sports (@TheDudeColletta) March 30, 2020

I find it hilarious that some musically illiterate DJ had the nerve to say that Kanye West is better than QUINCY JONES! Who tf you think Kanye has been sampling?!

— A.M. Jackson (@jaxamillion7) March 30, 2020

Although the DJ was adamant, that did little to stop the wave of Twitter critics who mercilessly clowned him for not understanding how important Jones is to pop and hip-hop. 

Quincy Jones is a Living Legend. Leave him alone and yes Kayne West is not even close…..#MondayMotivation

— Truth B Told ???????????? (@BarzFan) March 30, 2020

This is why I can’t stand anyone under 35 & folks who just discovered rap/hip hop. Some rando DJ just said Q ain’t on the level of Kanye. Quincy Jones was nominated for 79 Grammys and won 27 of them. #QuincyJones can READ and WRITE music. He’s the GOAT! Give that man his things!

— Jacquetta Van Zandt (@jmvsoul) March 30, 2020

Y’all really comparing the likes of Kanye West to thee Iconic Quincy Jones a songwriter, producer, musician whose body of work transcends through decades?!…

— Love_allure (@Loveallure2) March 30, 2020

Kanye West: we are on the same level 

Quincy Jones:

— Mr.Gemini♊ (@RonnieThaGreat) March 30, 2020

There will be no Quincy Jones blasphemy in this timeline. Forget all his film scores, Off The Wall and Thriller, if he'd done nothing else after the Sanford and Son theme he still earned his place on Olympus

— Parker: SOCIAL D (@jeffparker) March 30, 2020

Quincy Jones would shut EVERYONE DOWN in a beat battle. Line um all up…the OG is swattin’ they asses away like flies.

— L E F T, PhD ⚫️ (@LeftSentThis) March 29, 2020

Hopefully, this DJ can take a little time during the quarantine to go back and listen to some of Jones' greatest hits, many of which have been sampled endlessly by most of hip-hop's greatest, including West himself.