During the last full week of Black History Month, the Anaheim police were notified by a member of The Loyal White Knights that a rally was going to take place in Pearson Park at 10 am on Saturday the 27th. This group is a denomination of the Klu Klux Klan found primarily in California and other states on the west coast.

According to their website, they are a law abiding Christian organization that stands for pride in their race and the purification of their country. This sect of the Klan made the call to the Anaheim police department because they had information that a counter-protest may take place during the rally, for the purpose of  taking a stand against illegal immigration and Muslims.

A group of counter-protesters arrived at the park early, in wait for the Klansmen. Maybe as much as an hour later, led by William Quigg, a man identified as the leader of The Loyal White Knights, members of the Klan began to exit their vehicles and were approached by protesters in the park. Moments after, a skirmish took place, resulting in 3 counter-protesters being stabbed. One was stabbed repeatedly with the end of a Confederate flagpole, one with a knife, and another person with an unidentified object. The protester stabbed with the flagpole was hospitalized, reportedly in critical condition and the other two victims were stabilized on the scene.

A witness and Sgt. Daron Wyatt gave an account of events on the scene

6 Klu Klux Klan members (5 men and 1 woman) and 7 protesters (6 men and 1 woman) were arrested by the end of events. The Klan members were arrested in relation to the stabbings and the protesters were arrested for different degrees of physical violence. One Klansman being detained could be heard on the scene pleading his case for self-defense.

The Office of the Chief of Police in Anaheim released a public statement on the city website with their report of events. Police Chief Raul Quezada said, “Our investigators are in the process of thoroughly reviewing all the evidence from today’s incidents, including interviewing witnesses. Once completed, we will forward our findings and recommendations for prosecution to the District Attorney’s Office. We will keep the community informed as details warrant. I implore everyone to maintain peace and order in the aftermath of this incident.”

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