Two or three years ago, during one of our S&A podcasts (which will return soon by the way), when Tyler Perry and Spike Lee were feuding, I teased that a day would come, sooner than we might think, when both filmmakers will team up and work together on a project. 

We all had a good laugh about it, and as I recall, some of you chimed in, saying that hell would probably freeze over first before that union happens.

Well, I wouldn’t rush to put money down on that bet just yet because, Spike revealed to Oprah Winfrey, during an all-new episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter last Sunday, that, it’s practically a love-fest now between he and Perry, after he visited Tyler’s house, and they talked, and have apparently set aside their differences and become the best of friends.

During his conversation with Oprah, which I haven’t watched in full, but seen a few clips from (although I hear it was a great watch), Spike also shared that he and Tyler might actually work together some day.

One day we might work together,” was his exact quote; and he wasn’t teasing or being facetious either. 

While Tyler Perry was busy dishing out quotes like “Spike Lee can go to hell” during a 60 Minutes interview 3 years ago or so, when I joked about them potentially working together, I added that I could envision a collaboration that would have Tyler Perry producing and Spike Lee writing and directing. Or maybe even vice-versa. Or Spike could direct Tyler Perry in a Spike Lee joint. There are some possibilities. 

Although their styles differ so much that I couldn’t immediately see them co-directing a film together, unless it’s maybe an anthology work.

Or how about this: Spike, Tyler AND Oprah collaborate on a project.

What might a Spike/Tyler collab look like to you? Story (maybe an adaptation of a novel or an original script) & cast; Also who would write, direct, produce, etc…

But it’s good that they’ve squashed their previous beef, and it’s nothing but love right now it seems.