nullToday’s Short Shout will probably speak to the trials and tribulations of many of you out there – the struggling actor/actress (or maybe specifically, the struggling black actor/actress), facing limited options and negative bank account balances, having to make some really hard career decisions.

It comes from director Marcus Thomas, and is titled "Casting Notice." It follows a struggling actor who receives an appealing proposition to appear in an adult film. Not exactly the breakout role he was hoping for, but with no other options, he has to decide whether or not to accept the one offer he does have.”

I actually think there’s a feature-length film in the idea. It reminds me of Tahir Jetter’s ongoing web series "Hard Times," which is about a down-on-his-luck personal trainer who takes up stripping to make extra cash.

Marcus Thomas’ "Casting Notice" is a few years old, but it still feels fresh and very relevant. Brandon Young stars in the short.

Watch it below: