A New Jersey elementary school teacher is suing Olympic medalist Ibtihaj Muhammad for viral social media posts. The teacher, Tamar Herman, alleges that Muhammad’s post accused her of forcibly removing a student’s hijab. Hijabs are traditional headscarves worn by some Muslim women and girls.

Previously, Blavity reported a second-grade student at Seth Boyden Elementary School told her mother that Herman had pulled her hijab off her head, exposing her hair. The 7-year-old’s family complained to the school principal. The young student is Black, and Herman is Jewish and white.

The Philidelphia Inquirer reported that Herman informed school administrators that the situation was a misunderstanding. She claimed she thought the student was wearing a hood that went past her eyes. She didn’t realize it was her hijab. Herman said she made an attempt to lift the fabric. However, the student’s hair was uncovered underneath. The teacher stated she quickly apologized. She added that the student usually wore a tighter-fitting hijab that she could easily recognize as the traditional head covering.

Because of the incident, Herman is on administrative leave.

Herman alleges the spread of misinformation caused her to be a target of attack across social media. She said the hateful posts forced her to move out of her home and hire security to protect her.

Due to the allegations, Herman has begun a lawsuit against those who took part in spreading the accusations. One of the most notable people involved was Muhammad.