With Mother’s Day around the corner, you’ll definitely want to add this soulful ode to mothers everywhere to your playlist. “Favorite Girl,” written and produced by Aaron Abernathy, is an uplifting song dedicated to the women who sacrifice for, inspire and uplift their families. Abernathy’s own mother stars in the video, along with many other women of color and their children. It’s uptempo and fun, and the overarching message of positivity and gratitude shines through.

“I’ve learned so much about life from watching and listening to my mother,” says Abernathy, “She’s a voice of reasoning when I face obstacles, a voice of encouragement when I’m lost, and a voice of reinforcement when I’m headed in the right direction. There’s a certain type of wisdom, knowledge, discernment and care that only a mother has. No matter how old we get, mothers have this trait of knowing what their children need at the perfect time! I wrote this record to show my mother how much I appreciate her and her impact on my life and I’m more than sure other people feel the same as I do.”

You can download “Favorite Girl” here.

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