I thought this project sounded familiar when I glanced over the American Black Film Festival 2012 lineup. So I did some digging into the S&A archives and found an entry dated December 21, 2010 with a profile of it!

So after 2+ years (actually, it's more like 5 years, because, as I noted in that 2010 post, it's been in some stage of production since 2007), it's FINALLY making its official debut!

As any indie filmmaker will tell you, it ain't all gravy! Some projects take as long as a decade to go from script to screen, and even longer. But glad that Kadeem Hardison, the writer (along with William Wells, Salenta Baisden and Terry Wilkerson) and director of the project (his feature film debut) was able to see it all the way through.

Here's a recap… it's an indie flick called The Dark Party, which stars Hardison, Marcus Patrick (roles in several daytime soap operas), Eric Payne (lots of TV and film credits), Iva La'Shawn (a stand-up comedian), and a host of others. 

Its synopsis reads:

Is love beautiful in the dark? The Dark Party comes from the imagination of two best friends, Jeff and Mike, who want to find love without playing games with the women in their lives. They decide to throw the ultimate blind date party with the aid of a talk radio psychologist, who turns the fun and games into a serious social experiment. In the midst of all their fun lurks a killer who is dead set on eliminating one of the players.

It'll make what looks like its World Premiere at the ABFF next month, which runs from June 20 – 23 in South Beach, FL.

Luckily, the trailer I posted back in 2010 still exists (although I'm guessing that they'll be recutting a new one given that it's been 2 years); it's embedded below: