Word of mouth on this one has been strong, since it started stirring up excitement at the Cannes Film Market in May, so I'm definitely curious, and hope it comes my way.

It's a Brit crime thriller titled iLL MANORS, directed by Brit rapper Ben Drew (his directorial debut), set in rundown East London's Forest Gate, and is billed as a semi-autobiographical tale that "follows the lives of six disparate characters over the course of seven days in Forest Gate, London, a scene where everyone is fighting for respect, struggling to survive amid crime and violence."

The film's ensemble cast includes Riz Ahmed, Natalie Press, Nick SagarEd Skrein, Anouska Mond and others.

It was released in the U.K. on June 6, via British distribution company (who also financed the film) Revolver Entertainment, and was met with largely positive reviews.

It'll now be released on Blu-Ray, DVD, Download & On-Demand (only in the UK still however) on October 8. So if you missed it in theaters, catch it in the autumn. 

Watch the brand-new trailer for iLL MANORS below: