The craftsmanship of full-bodied whiskey and luxury furniture can often garner the same sentiment.

Integrating personal style and flair can come with an orange slice or a throw pillow. No one understands this relationship better than Adair Curtis, celebrity interior designer, television personality and entrepreneur.

Curtis has partnered with Crown Royal Aged 30 Years, the brand’s second installment in its Royal Series. The award-winning Canadian Whisky brand Crown Royal continues its commitment to luxury offerings by releasing its most aged and complex blend to date. Blavity recently spoke with Curtis about how you can use libations to elevate your space with intentional and elegant touches.

“When I heard about Crown Royal 30 Years, I got excited because of a couple of things,” Curtis told Blavity. “One, it took a really long time to create this, and true luxury and refinement come from slow living and things that are really intentional.”

Curtis is no stranger to appreciating a slower pace. After working for years in the entertainment industry, he pivoted to interior design. He is now the lead interior designer at JSN STUDIO, a multidisciplinary design and styling firm based in Los Angeles. His impeccable eye for style has been showcased on reality television shows like Netflix’s Styling Hollywood or, more recently, on Instant Dream Home.

“It depends on the aesthetic direction, but the foundation and the notes on what one should look to and gravitate toward for their own personal style are universal,” Curtis said.

He suggests understanding your “aesthetic, budget, and goals” when tailoring your space to your liking and following the same formula when creating the perfect cocktail.

Recently, Curtis hosted a private dinner testing out several concoctions showcasing Crown Royal 30 Years that highlighted the versatility of the liquor. 

Photo: Natasha Campos via Getty Images for Crown Royal

Although Curtis prefers his Crown Royal on the rocks, the fine-aged whiskey can flawlessly blend with any chaser to accommodate every palate.

He proposes that “quality” is the ultimate factor when eyeing a new living room accent piece or creating your holiday hosting menu.

Photo: Natasha Campos/Getty Images for Crown Royal
Photo: Natasha Campos/Getty Images for Crown Royal

“Sip and savor it slow. Take in the luxury,” he said. “We already live in a fast-paced world. And so the things that take the most time have a certain quality. Everything ties back to craftsmanship.”