Michael B. Jordan plays a villain on the big screen, but he's nothing less of a hero to 8-year-old Adonis Wolfe. 

Like many of us, Adonis "fell in love" with Jordan after seeing him play Erik Killmonger in Marvel's Black Panther. Adonis's mom, Jenaiya Coleman, recorded her son telling Jordan how much he admired him and appreciated his roles before getting the video message to Jordan.

The same way that Jordan makes time to clap back at haters, he also finds time to return the love to his fans. According to Knox News, he sent a message to Adonis that brought the boy to tears. 

"If you work hard, listen to your mother and do all your work, especially your schoolwork," Jordan says on the video message, "you can be … whatever you want to be — a doctor, engineer, lawyer, mechanic, biologist … . Whatever you put your mind to, you can achieve," Jordan told Adonis. 

In addition to Jordan's sweet message, the two share a birthday only one day apart. Adonis now believes that director Ryan Coogler named Jordan's Adonis Johnson Creed character after him as well. It's easy to see why the 8-year-old now believes he and Jordan are best friends. 

"Adonis was so excited, he cried! Now he believes I have superpowers and wants to meet him," Coleman said of her son's enthusiasm. "I appreciate Michael for taking out the time in his busy schedule to send my son this video. It made his whole 2018!" 

Is this your king? Because we love a man who is here for the kids. Adonis will remember this for the rest of his life.