nullThis week JuntoBox Films, the collaborative film studio co-chaired by Forest Whitaker, announced that it will join forces with crowdfunding site Indiegogo to host a branded partner page and offer production, mentorship and distribution services to thousands of films currently on the Indiegogo platform.

The announcement came as part of the company's festivities at the American Film Market in Santa Monica, where Whitaker explained the partnership and also announced the greenlight of Sharon is Caring, the 4th film in JuntoBox's slate of crowdsourced independent films.


"Everyone has a story to tell, and we believe everyone should be given a voice,” said Whitaker. “This partnership with Indiegogo represents another step toward using social collaboration and the elements of our digital world to empower the voices of independent filmmakers everywhere.”

Once a project is created on JuntoBox Films, filmmakers have the opportunity to rise up through the five levels of development by building their film’s profile. JuntoBox members then rate and vote on projects that will ultimately be selected and greenlit.

Through social collaboration and crowdfunding the filmmaking process, JuntoBox  aims to unite social development with traditional film production and has greenlit a total of four films this year, including Passenger, Sacrifice, and Anthem.

Sharon is Caring is the company's first romantic comedy project. Written and created by New York filmmaker Wesley Mills, the film centers on a man "living the dream, having casual sex with two women named Sharon, but the dream gets too real when he meets a third Sharon – and falls in love."

For more, visit the JuntoBox website.