Aki Kaurismäki’s crowd-pleasing immigration dramedy Le Havre, a film we’ve been following since its Cannes 2011 debut, and which opened theatrically in the USA on October 21st, in New York and Los Angeles, will continue its nationwide theatrical roll-out as it opens in a new batch of cities tomorrow. And they are: Amherst, MA – Amherst Cinema; Austi, TX – Violet Crown Cinema; Chicago, IL – Music Box Theatre; Kew Gardens (Queens), NY – Kew Gardens Cinemas; Palm Springs, CA – Camelot Theatres; Sag Harbor, NY – Sag Harbor Cinema; and Santa Monica, CA – Laemmle’s Monica 4-plex.

So if you live in any of those cities, you can now see the film! Future roll-outs to other cities are planned through February 2012, so if you’re interested in seeing Le Havre, and it hasn’t played in your city yet, you might get your shot.

As a recap… the official synopsis of the film which will represent Finland in the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar race, reads: “An elderly working-class couple living in the famous Norman port city find themselves harbouring a young African illegal immigrant from the authorities as he tries to make his way to England. The local police inspector suspects that they are protecting illegals, and a cat-and-mouse game ensues.

Kaurismäki has said that, with the film, he wanted to address what he feels is a lack of European films that deal with the worsening global financial, political and moral crises that have collectively led to increasing numbers of African refugees trying to make their way into the EU, and the often inhumane treatment they experience when they arrive.

Le Havre has been very well received an reviewed thus far – like I said, it’s what you could call a crowd-pleaser. I still have to write about it, but I want to see it a second time. When I saw it at the NYFF, I’d had a loooong night the day before, and couldn’t keep my eyes consistently open during the screening the next morning. So I need to see it wide awake and alert, so I can give it a fair shot.

Andre Wilms, Kati Outinen, and Blondin Miguel (as the immigrant child) star.

Here’s its trailer again: