I recall Sergio’s post earlier this year, announcing that the film was coming to Blu-ray, in which he touched on this, calling the film “the modern black urban male ultimate macho fantasy,” in reference to the fact that it’s so well loved and appreciated by brothas in hip-hop.

In the clip below, recorded during a party celebrating the film’s Blu-ray release on Tuesday, Al Pacino, the star of Scarface, acknowledges that fact, and essentially offers his thanks to rappers for keeping the movie, which was initially panned by critics when first released in 1983, alive, helping make it the cult classic it’s become today.

By the way, for those further interested in this, there’s a 2003 documentary titled Scarface: Origins of a Hip-Hop Classic, in which rappers discuss the film’s significance on the music. I embedded the first part of the film underneath the MTV clip. I believe you can watch the entire thing on YouTube, in pieces.